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Captain America: The First Avenger

Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)
The hardships of World War II tear the planet apart. Every man who is able to hold weapons in his hands is sent to help his homeland. That is what Steve Rogers wanted to do, but could not get through the military commission. The hero is weak, pale and practically weak - for precisely these reasons he is denied the much-desired service. He is close to despair, but suddenly learns about a special program carried out under the guise of special secrecy - talented scientists are conducting experiments to modernize the human body and create an army of super-soldiers.
At first, the idea seems incredible - its essence is to use unique serum and irradiation of courageous people who want to fight for justice, after which Stephen is surprised to note unusual changes in the structure of his body. The feeble young man turned into a powerful fighting mechanism, created to destroy any enemies, characterized by strength and endurance. Soon, Captain America (just such a pseudonym a hero chose for himself) receives a crucial task - the terrorists are going to use high-tech weapons and establish world domination, and his task is reduced to their discovery and elimination.