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Bumblebee (2018)
The end of the eighties of the last century. The brutal universal confrontation forces a robot that has seriously suffered in a battle to seek refuge on the earth's surface. Unable to teleport, he is hiding from prying eyes at a car dump, where he finds a safe haven. In hoping to hide from the attention of people who occasionally visit the wasteland to search for spare parts, Bumblebee takes the form of an old car, trying to disguise itself in iron clutter.
A girl who lives next door, fascinated by the repair and restoration of cars thrown into scrap metal, is looking for a yellow car in the trash, which she liked by her appearance. Delighted by the unexpected discovery, Charlie is taken to bring the pile of iron in proper condition and suddenly discovers that the specimen found has incredible properties. Soon, amazing details of the transformer's presence on Earth are revealed. The decisive heroine decides to reanimate the alien and finds a true friend. But further events make a couple go to the new adventures. Transformers.