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Black Panther

Black Panther (2018)
Several centuries ago, in the heart of Africa, there was a bloody war between the tribes for the possession of a meteorite, which contains a metal that can absorb vibration. This metal would not only make it possible to make a huge leap in the development of science and technology, but also would give a person superhuman abilities. In those days, one of the warriors ate a plant struck by a miraculous metal. This gave him superhuman strength. He united all the tribes into one people of Wakanda and guarded them from outside invasion.
Wakands carefully guarded their lands and rare metals. They made a big technological breakthrough, but in order not to attract too much attention, they preferred to call themselves an undeveloped country. However, all the secret once becomes clear. Nowadays, after the death of the king, his young son T'Challa takes the throne. The coronation is restless. The leader of one of the tribes challenges the new king and offers to fight for the crown. T'Challa is aware that with the beginning of his rule, troubled times will begin. He must take over the experience of his ancestors, become the superpower leader of the Black Panther and stand up for Wakanda.