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Black Is King

Black Is King (2020)
Everyone knows the popular American singer Beyonce. The pop star has an army of fans all over the world. She has achieved everything in show business and is not only a singer, but also an actress. Her concerts draw crowds of people. The celebrity gives out a huge number of autographs, passers-by brazenly take selfies with her. She became not only a Hollywood star, but also a real prey for the paparazzi. The media pursues her even abroad, and fans attack her not only on the street, but also right in front of her own home. No matter how she protected her person with numerous guards, fame makes itself felt. Still, the once ordinary girl has achieved such heights. However, celebrities would not have achieved heights if it were not for the crowds of fans that are part of their lives.
For her fans, Beyose decided to release a rather interesting film adaptation. She decided to make a film showcasing her album, which includes a hit like "The Gift" based on the acclaimed film "The Lion King". The artist herself acted as the creator of the project. And of course she invested in the development of this film project. This is a real gift to fans of her work, built almost by the star's own hands.