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Big Daddy

Big Daddy (1999)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Family.
Released: 1999.
Director: Dennis Dugan.
Sonny Koufax for 32 years, but by his behavior that can not be said. It is, in principle, is not intended for any liability: running once a week, and all the concerns passed on to friends, with whom he lives. One pal tells Sonny that he needed to urgently leave for a business trip, and young son to leave no one. Sunny agrees to look after the child, and two children - big and small - a great time.
Irresponsible Sonny - the dream of every toddler, because it allows his charge everything: spit around, walking in flippers do not brush your teeth, do not fill the bed, and in addition - to pour into a bowl of ketchup as much as your heart desires. And Sonny is also not a loser: the company with the child, he attracted the attention of any woman, so that the frame girls easier. But over time, Sonny realizes that one can not remain a child forever, especially if you need to take care of another person.