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Battleship (2012)
As you know, a huge number of brilliant scientists living in different parts of our vast planet are trying to find evidence of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Many people try to make contact with aliens. It seems that all of humanity believes that somewhere in the Universe there is life, and people really want to communicate with those who, perhaps, surpass them both in strength and in reason.
The protagonist becomes an astronaut named Edgar, who in 2009 was able to visit Mars. It was he who brought incredible news to Earth: life exists on the red planet, and now contact with representatives of alien races is simply inevitable.Society is agitated. It is divided into two camps, characterized by the opposite of views. Some believe that the aliens are friendly, and if they still haven’t done anything wrong to earthlings, they will never be aggressive towards people. Others believe that the aliens will definitely go to war on the blue planet, and are trying with all their might to prepare for this epic battle. Engineers and military are building equipment that will help them repel the attacks of aliens, but do not even suspect that an incredible struggle for survival will begin on the water.