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Bad Teacher

Bad Teacher (2011)
Genre: Comedy, Romance.
Released: 2011.
Director: Jake Kasdan.
The main character of the movie is a young woman named Elizabeth Halsey.
Elizabeth is a glamorous, attractive and witty girl who is used to leading a lifestyle that corresponds to social life. She is used to spending a lot more money than she can afford, because for the past few years she has been dating an incredibly rich and wealthy young man. Elizabeth settles in middle cola and begins to teach, although she has absolutely no idea what she needs to do. She swears, smokes weed, defiantly dresses and dyes, which becomes the main problem for teachers and the director. But the students adore Elizabeth and try to catch her eye in any way.
However, an unforeseen event soon occurs. Young man Elizabeth, feeling the greed of her beloved girl and listening to the cautious advice of her mother, decides to part with Elizabeth in order to maintain her condition. This news becomes life-changing in Elizabeth’s life, because now she can no longer spend nights in the best clubs, dress in company boutiques and buy original cosmetics. But perhaps a young teacher named Scott Delacorte will fix it.