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Baby Driver

Baby Driver (2017)
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama.
Released: 2017.
Director: Edgar Wright.
The main character is a young intelligent guy who loves adrenaline and speed driving, but who has neither education nor useful acquaintances for acceptable work and financial stability. In search of earnings, he is interviewed for the position of the driver of an influential businessman, but the real situation is somewhat different. His boss is the leader of the criminal gang, and the Kid will now become a petty criminal, helping gang members to hide from the crime scene and get away from chases. Such an activity fits well with his idea of ​​an interesting and exciting life, because he does not directly participate in any criminal showdowns or robberies. This continues until the boss begins to demand more - the gang needs his direct assistance in this robbery.
The hero is trying to convince the leader that he does not have the experience and the necessary dexterity, but the orders of senior management in this environment are not accepted to discuss. The idea initially had a dubious background - the choice for a brand new one was not accidental, they are ready to take risks in case of failure, which is very likely, since the action plan is not thought out and there is no time to correct the omission. The newcomer has a solid chance of escaping with the easiest punishment, unlike seasoned cutthroats, but he does not intend to check the assumption of his partners. The crime really happens critically badly, but the Kid is ready to do the impossible, so as not to fall into the raking paws of the defenders of law and order.