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Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinity War (2018), Marvel, X-Men
The purpose of the Avengers is to protect the world from danger. The problems that people previously could cope on their own are no longer a single superhero, so they have to organize special missions. Every day you have to risk your life by saving the inhabitants of the planet. Recently, there has been a tension in the air, which indicates that there is a new job ahead. Gradually, it turns out that the fate of the Earth is in the balance. An intergalactic tyrant named Thanos began to collect powerful artifacts with which he could change reality according to his desires.
The history of the stones of Infinity goes back to ancient times, when there were six of them. The attackers are constantly trying to seize the symbol of power, so the higher forces divided the dangerous items. Thanos goes to the goal and soon all six stones will be in his hands. If the Avengers do not interfere with the intentions, the end of civilization in its present form will come and the universal chaos will begin. It will not be easy to save people and return powerful artifacts to the place of storage, but for these brave guys solving a difficult task becomes a vital necessity.