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Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: End game (2019)
The final part of the highest grossing saga in cinema history. Last time, mankind had a chance to face the threat that no one could have expected. For many years, an intergalactic tyrant named Thanos implemented his global plan to destroy half the population of the universe. For this, he needed to kill hundreds of enemies on his way, as a result of which the power of Thanos became more and more impressive day by day.
As soon as all parts of the Infinity Stones were in his hands, he managed to accomplish what everyone had been afraid of for so long - a massive genocide of the population of the Earth. From the face of the planet disappeared exactly half of the randomly selected residents, who simply evaporated, breaking up into small particles. It dumbfounded everyone, including the Avengers who survived the mass destruction. The surviving members of the squad lost their former self-confidence. They lost their loved ones, having a hard time losing their loss. And the characters simply do not know what to do next. Do they have enough strength and courage to gather for the final battle, the outcome of which will determine the fate of the whole universe?