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Ava (2020)
Genre: Action, Crime, Drama.
Released: 2020.
Director: Tate Taylor.
The red-haired beast with a thin waist made a devastating impression on men, in the literal sense. Sexy Eve destroyed the desired objects discreetly, distracting attention with her long legs and silky mane of fiery hair. Beautiful in any outfit, the beauty looked spectacular in a scarlet evening dress with an indecent slit at the hip. No one knew that the charming stranger was a special agent of a super-secret government office. The bosses sent the best employee to the most dangerous corners of the planet, instructing to eliminate the interfering target. The girl had been in the secret service for a long time, so she was used to not asking unnecessary questions. She didn't care why she had to finish off the designated people. What mattered was the need to fulfill the order of the top management.
The salary of the operative was quite satisfactory, at least there was enough money for a luxurious wardrobe and jewelry. There were also a lot of gentlemen around her, but the young lady remained cold to all courtship and romantic gestures. For a long time, the lady's official duties did not cause any difficulties, but then something unexpected happened: the next special operation turned into a failure. The beautiful lady lost control of the situation, after which she firmly decided to leave the extreme world of crime, intrigue, betrayal and deception forever. But it won't be easy and painless to get out of the business, since the influential boss set out to open a hunt for her.