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Ant-Man (2015), antman
Released: 2015.
Director: Peyton Reed.
Scott Lang is an ordinary guy who, due to circumstances, was forced to one day neglect his principles and embark on the slippery path of criminal activity. The lack of professionalism and useful acquaintances leads to a quick fall into the grip of justice, and the young man finds himself in prison for many years. When the term comes to an end, and he goes free, the awareness quickly comes - to start life anew without a job, a livelihood, but with a criminal record - this is not an easy task. The man is even deprived of the opportunity to meet with his own daughter Cassie, which was for him the last bastion of hope and self-confidence.
Help unexpectedly comes from a Dr. Hank Pym, who has long been watching the fate of the hero. He has a special gift, a mysterious item that can radically change the life of its owner. This is a man-ant costume, which reduces the human body to completely tiny sizes, which will even penetrate into inaccessible places under vigilant protection. Scott doesn’t really like that his responsible mission starts again with a crime, but he seems to have little choice ...