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Another Round

Drunk, Another Round (2020)
It becomes known that a talented outstanding philosopher from the powerful European country of Norway is going to deliver a unique dizzying speech at a prestigious state conference. The main character is literally sure that almost any representative of the human human nation by nature lacks a gigantic amount of alcoholic elements in his own blood.
The local indigenous population is in a state of shock, since until a certain moment, naive fools believed that alcohol causes only catastrophic unpleasant harm to most of the world's global population. Martin is a promising simple teacher in a school institution who is ready to go on a risky mysterious experiment to prove the case of a key figure. Together with his old loyal comrades, the handsome man embarks on a fascinating journey through the gigantic fairy-tale universe of vodka space. For a long time, cunning cunning malefactors remain in the drunken world for days on end. The innocent victims did not think that the habitual established existence would soon change in an unpredictable way.