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Angels & Demons

Angels and Demons (2009)
Released: 2009.
Director: Ron Howard.
The election of the Pope in the Vatican is a huge event not only for the Catholic Church, but for the whole world. Applicants for this position are in the center of Rome. On the eve of the appointed date, four of the future pontiffs disappear at once, they were the most worthy candidates. The police discover a connection between the kidnapping and a secret organization called the Illuminati. People of this sect believe in their destiny, which is given to them from above. They threaten to kill a candidate every hour if their demands on the church are not met.
Along with this tragic event, another one takes place. A substance disappears from the secret laboratory, which in a minimal amount can destroy an entire city. The attackers are targeting the Vatican, but if an explosion occurs, all of Rome will die. Robert Langdon is called in to investigate the connection between the Illuminati and mysterious symbols found by the police after his kidnapping. Robert will work with a charming girl, physics professor Vittoria Vetra. Together they need to solve two puzzles, which become more difficult with each next step. Will two people be able to prevent the deaths of thousands of civilians? what other mysteries did the members of the Illuminati have in store for them?