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American Gods: Season 3

A Winter's Tale

American Gods: Season 3 (2021)
Shadow Moon is about to end his prison term, but he is released from custody several days early due to the death of his wife. The hero is in a hurry to make it to the funeral of his beloved by plane, where a strange man sitting in the next row strikes up a conversation with him. The mysterious man does not want to introduce himself by his real name, but calls himself the current day of the week - Wednesday. Shadow receives an offer from his new acquaintance to work for him and refuses, claiming that he has already promised his friend to get a job with him in the gym. The hero cannot get to his destination by plane due to bad weather, and he decides to get to his hometown by car.
In one of the roadside bars, a recent prisoner meets Wednesday again, and he repeats his proposal, motivating this by the fact that his friend is no longer alive, having demonstrated a newspaper article as proof. To get rid of the intrusive person, Shadow offers to play with a coin, which unexpectedly falls out on the side that Wednesday thought. Another no less strange visitor to the bar invites the hero to reveal the secret of the trick, setting the condition to fight him in advance in an honest fist fight.

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