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Aladdin (2019)

Aladdin (2019)
Released: 2019.
Director: Guy Ritchie.
A young thief named Aladdin, who trades with petty thefts to feed an elderly mother, suddenly meets a charming girl and falls in love with her at first sight. He dreams of marrying a beauty, but he suddenly finds out a terrible secret: his beloved, beautiful Jasmine is a princess and daughter of the richest and most powerful sultan who will never agree to marry her to a poor man living in a dilapidated dilapidated hut.
Meanwhile, a coup d'etat is brewing in the country. The treacherous and greedy vizier Jafar is going to kill the real ruler and seize power in Agrab. To carry out his plans, he only needs to take possession of the wonderful precious lamp hidden in the mysterious cave of miracles, and call the genie, fulfilling any desire.
However, this is not easy to do - according to an ancient legend, heavy stone slabs blocking the entrance to the dungeon will be opened only in front of a person who is called a "Diamond in the Rough". Of course, it turns out to be just the innocent young thief in love. But the young man is completely not as simple as it seems - although he has completely different plans and dreams, he decides to appropriate a magical little thing.