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Ad Astra

Ad Astra (2019)
Released: 2019.
Director: James Gray.
Roy McBride grew up as a shy, unsociable and shy boy suffering from a congenital disease. However, when he grew up, thanks to perseverance, a solid character and constant work on himself, a purposeful young man was able to graduate and become a space engineer.
Now Roy is an employee of the military-technological base, where they develop projects important for the further development of the country. The guy lives an interesting, active and eventful life, but the events of the distant past haunt him. He often thinks about the story that happened 20 years ago with his father, a talented scientist who devoted his life to the search for facts of the existence of extraterrestrial civilizations. Once, having received a mysterious signal from the planet Neptune, a man, confident that he was literally a step away from success, immediately got ready for the trip and went missing.
Now his adult son is about to set off next, sincerely believing that he will be able to find the missing loved one. He has to make a difficult journey through the Solar System, wander in the vast expanses of the Galaxy and survive dangerous adventures. But will he find alive the one whom he had dreamed of seeing for so long?