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A Silent Voice: The Movie

A Silent Voice / The Shape of Voice (2016)
Released: 2016.
Director: Naoko Yamada.
The world of children does not tolerate differences. This world is cruel, because its inhabitants, unlike the inhabitants of the adult world, have not yet managed to learn to hide vile thoughts. Children are straightforward and therefore very cruel. However, all children someday grow up, and, looking back during school days, some of them feel ashamed.
How many years should pass before it comes to a bully and slobber, what a scoundrel he was when, for fun, he mocked the disabled person. Someone will not even remember. And someone like Shoi will hate himself with strong hatred. In elementary school, he managed to turn the life of classmate Shoko into hell only because she was deaf. And now, though belatedly, the guy understood - to say something important to someone who cannot hear you, it is not at all necessary to use a voice.