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100% Wolf

100 Percent Wolf (2020)
The main character of the funny cartoon film is little Freddy Lupin. He is a hereditary representative of the ancient werewolf family. The young hero is eager to turn into a real wolf. At the age of thirteen, each of the Lupine family must go out on the first hunt, assuming a terrible form of a cruel monster. But having reached the required age, the onset of the night completely disappointed the baby. The hero did not turn into a killer wolf, but became a cute shaggy poodle with a cheerful pink color. The boy has become like a fluffy toy and is completely unlike a wolf cub, and with such an appearance, it is completely impossible to appear to relatives.
Freddy started looking for opportunities to find his true guise to become an evil beast. But people got in the way of the upset teenager. He was caught and sent to the territory of the dog shelter. Having become a funny dog, Freddy met a shabby mongrel named Batty. After a while, the brave daredevil managed to escape. He wanted to know about the circumstances of his father's death and about the enemies of a certain kind. When fighting enemies, the pink poodle will have the opportunity to demonstrate its ferocious qualities like a real wolf. What adventures will the brave boy face?