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The Rookie: Season 3


The Rookie: Season 3 (2021)
John Nolan had always admired the work of the police and thought that someday in his life he would have the opportunity to also engage in this rather noble and extremely dangerous activity. But by the will of fate, it was not possible to enter the service in a young youth, as it usually happens. But the acting character is convinced that for the realization of the most cherished ideas, age is absolutely not a significant obstacle on the way. The hero, having reached the age of forty, decides to apply for a job as an employee of the law enforcement system, which caused bewilderment and ridicule from the bosses and direct colleagues.
No one took John seriously, suggesting that he was old enough to endure the strenuous physical exertion and unbearable grueling training that young people will experience in the profession of protecting the law. But the newly minted police officer considers himself a worthy candidate and intends to prove it by any means while on the job. Only when faced with danger, when it is necessary to cover the back of a partner, colleagues begin to realize that they are a real pro with life experience.

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