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Smallfoot (2018)
Somewhere far away in uncharted lands, on the high snow-capped hills, there is a fabulous country. Here they live, majestic, huge and hairy snowmen. They have kept the secret of their existence for thousands of years, and adhere to their own traditions. Previously, they loved to descend into the plains and hunt in groups, but over time, laziness defeated them. None of them dares to leave the territory of the village. Yeti are obliged to unquestioningly follow the rules of conduct in the community, otherwise they will be exiled. The main thing is not to go to people.
Every evening, parents entertain their children with stories about smallfoot, as the representatives of the person are nicknamed for their surprisingly small legs. These creatures scream loudly, have a snow-white smile, and the smell from the mouth strikes with a mint aroma. Such stories scare the little ones, and therefore none of them strive to get to know foreigners. However, one generation succeeds another, and there are always those who are interested in seeing for themselves those about whom they are told by horror stories. After all, one of the tribe has already seen people, which means that others can. One of the listeners matured and suggested that his best friend go abroad and go downstairs. The convinced romantic is sure that these stories are true, and wants to be convinced of it.