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Rob the Mob

Rob the Mob (2014)
A couple of young lovers have found the perfect way to make money for a wedding: robbery. Tommy Uva believes that he and his fiancée need to strain a little to get what they want. Rosie is not against her lover's proposal. It's incredibly exciting and extreme. Moreover, according to their plan, no one should die, and the profit will be very great. And at the same time, no one will report them to the police, since the couple will rob illegal mafia establishments. The police will not understand, and it will not be easy to figure out the desperate ones who decided on such a robbery. The plan was a success. A couple of establishments were robbed and the jackpot exceeded all expectations.
They understand perfectly well that it is worth stopping, but the mafia did not figure them out and decide to go on the next thing. Inadvertently, during the next robbery, the couple takes an important piece of evidence that the FBI is hunting for. And if money can still be forgiven somehow, then evidence cannot be. She will expose the majority of the leaders of the group under attack and it is now a matter of honor to find careless criminals. Big Al ordered to find and deliver to him the people who encroached on the holy of holies of the mafia. Now the lovers just can't escape the pursuit. They went too far, and the mafia does not forgive this.