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Inland Empire

Inland Empire (2006)
Nikki Grace always dreamed of becoming an actress, but somehow it didn't work out. Basically, she was given small roles, she had only to dream about the main episode, but one day she has a great opportunity to demonstrate all her talent. Suddenly, she is offered to read the script of a remake of a famous German creation. Nikki agrees, but does not believe that she will be taken.
Soon she receives great news, she was approved for the role. The girl is incredibly happy, she has to work with one of the best directors. On the stage, Nikki meets movie star Devon Berk, who will play her partner. In fact, they already tried to shoot this film, but during the filming a tragic incident occurred, the main characters were killed, but the director did not give up the idea, to finish the process.
The plot is based on an ancient legend about the life of the Gypsy people, but the Gypsies themselves were against filming and cursed this film. However, none of those present on the site believed in this nonsense. With each scene Nikki became more and more immersed in the process, and soon ceased to distinguish between cinema and reality. Her heroine in some incomprehensible way came out on top, and Grace seemed to have lost herself.