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City of Ember

City of Ember (2008)
Released: 2008.
Director: Gil Kenan.
For many years a city exists underground, built before the apocalypse. People hoped in this way to save the human race. For a long time, people lived in this underground kingdom and did not dream of coming to the surface again. Although some still hoped that in at least 200 years they would be able to get to the surface. To develop such a scenario, a group of people left instructions and sealed them in a time capsule. The city developed systematically, various mayors came to power.
Every time, when a new leader of the city appeared, he received this very capsule with instructions from the previous one. One day the unexpected happened, as a result of which the capsule disappeared. People tried to find her, but all attempts were in vain. And everything would be fine, but food was running out, the energy generator - the heart of the whole city - had practically exhausted its resource. Yes, only the mayor does not see this as a problem. He's not really looking for a way to save the locals. Suddenly, one of the residents, a girl named Lina, finds a capsule with instructions. Together with her friend Doon, she is trying to decipher the message in the capsule, because this is their only hope for salvation, the only way to find their way to a new world.