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Wayne's World

Wayne's World (1992)
Genre: Comedy, Music.
Released: 1992.
Two best friends Wayne and Garth loved to have fun. They were ordinary guys who took life easier than some. They didn't care about other people's opinions. They just lived in a high, not denying themselves anything. However, they had no bad habits. The main characters were not drug addicts and alcoholics. They had a fantastic idea. Why not put on a TV show based on your own life to please viewers. Surprisingly, their plan came true. The guys began to broadcast.
It was a little time on the local channel. But one day a famous producer saw him. He realized that they could make a lot of money. He invites the main characters to conclude a contract with him. Then he will start promoting them, they will become famous throughout the country. Since the creators of the show did not particularly delve into the terms of the contract, they easily signed it. In fact, it turned out to be a real robbery. Showmen will not receive any profit or benefit. They were very angry at this fact. And even more enraged that the boss began to look after their friend - pretty Cassandra. She was a rock singer. The guys decided to take matters into their hands, break unnecessary ties, free themselves and live at ease as before.