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The Age of Adaline

The Age of Adaline (2015)
Our world contains many secrets that many of us cannot even imagine. One of these secrets was kept by the main character of the film. Adaline is the girl who was able to freeze time.
On January 1, 1908, at 00:01, little Adaline was born. She had no idea that in the future a car accident would completely change her life. Adaline's face was forever young. But did it bring her happiness? Doomed to eternal solitude, she leaves her daughter in college and decides to change her name, appearance and place of residence every decade.
Sixty years later, when her daughter was already quite an old woman, what happens in Adaline's life is what she feared the most. She met a loved one with whom she was ready to live her whole life together and grow old. Revealing the secret was an insurmountable obstacle. Adaline was so used to running away that she couldn't stop. By a fatal accident, the father of this man turns out to be her former lover from the past. He manages to reveal her secret, after which Adaline's life could no longer be the same.