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Role Models

Role Models (2008)
Genre: Comedy.
Released: 2008.
Director: David Wain.
Two friends of the merry fellow, Danny and Wheeler, are employees of an energy drink company. Guys are big fans of adventure all the time. One day, in a fit of uncontrollable emotions, they accidentally overturn a truck with drinks of the very company in which they work. The guys will be severely punished, the manager no longer intends to forgive the pranks of careless workers. Once in the dock, the guys face a real term, or correctional labor. Friends decide to stick with the second option. They are now members of the child protection program.
In a short time, the guilty heroes will have to teach the wits of "careless" teenagers. These children have long ceased to perceive the threats of teachers and the instructions of their parents. Wheeler gets a fifth grader, Ronnie, a bully who doesn't want to study. Danny needs to be distracted from his passion for games in the Middle Ages, a 16-year-old boy, and make him a real man. After literally one day of correctional labor, the friends regret the choice, believing that they had to choose a prison. But there is no turning back, you have to get out. It is even possible that everything would have turned out great for them if not for Wheeler's addiction to Venetian beaches and alcohol.