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Pearl Harbor

Pearl Harbor (2001)
Genre: Action, Drama, History.
Released: 2001.
Director: Michael Bay.
Two friends from early childhood grew up together. They had a real, strong friendship. Danny and Rafe had common ideas and dreams. From a young age, both dreamed of an aviation career. We wanted to become first class pilots. Fate gave them such an opportunity.
Having matured, the comrades entered the Aviation Institute and graduated with honors. After graduating from school, the guys joined the American Air Force. During a medical examination, Rafe meets a girl, Evelyn's nurse. A relationship is established between them, smoothly turning into something more. However, soon, lovers have to leave. A man is sent to the front in Great Britain to fight against German troops.
Some time later, Danny and Evelyn are transferred to the American military base Pearl Harbor. There they preach terrible news. Rafe died during the fighting. Being in a depressed state, the couple get closer, supporting each other in difficult times. Soon, love breaks out between them. It is later revealed that Rafe survived and is redirected to Pearl Harbor. The guys have to urgently figure out the love triangle so that personal relationships do not affect their further destiny. War does not tolerate mistakes.