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Without a Paddle

Without a Paddle (2004)
Childhood friends Dan, Jerry and Tom have long ceased to communicate with each other: asthmatic Dan is a doctor who is afraid of everything, Jerry has an office job, but he longs to work in the fresh air and Tom, who lives for today, jumps from bed to bed, rides his Harley and tries not to go to jail.
But they are reunited at the funeral of their deceased friend Billy, after which they visit their old club again and recall their childhood dream of finding the lost loot of the notorious 1970s bank robber, Dan Cooper. As it turns out, Billy has been working on a map of the lost treasure for years, so the three decide to go on an expedition and complete the search for the life of their late friend. Panic sets in when they arrive in a remote town and find themselves completely out of place, but no matter what, they continue by renting a canoe and heading down the river. Soon they are forced to flee from the she-bear, who mistook Dan for her bear cub, rafting in large rapids, falling from the edge of the waterfall, and, in the end, lose the map and supplies. They stumble upon what they consider to be a civilization, but it is actually a farm run by a pair of hooligans, and they are not too happy when the townspeople accidentally destroy their crops.