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Warm Bodies

Warm Bodies (2013)
In the future, a disaster will occur on the planet. A terrible disease will kill millions of people. All who become infected become the walking dead, dreaming of living flesh. Therefore, healthy people try not to leave the house unnecessarily, trying with all their might to protect themselves from infection. Zombies had little or no intelligence. They only had the thoughts of people whose brains they had recently eaten. Guy P has long been a ghoul. Surprisingly, he even had a friend with whom they sometimes exchanged a few words.
But one day an interesting event happened. The beautiful girl found herself in a dangerous situation not far from him. Something prompted to save her, hiding from her fellow tribesmen. His heart seemed to tremble at the sight of her beauty. She was able to safely get home. The heroine told her friend about this amazing guy. Soon they saw each other again. A friendship struck up between them, thanks to which he again began to resemble an ordinary person. And then friendship grew into sympathy and love. However, her father did not believe that such a healing was possible. This threatened the two lovers with major troubles.