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True Romance

True Romance (1993)
Alabama Whitman is a young aspiring call girl. She gets her first client named Clarence Worley. The young people met at the cinema and spent the night together. Alabama told her story of why she went into this profession and that the guy received it as a birthday present from his boss. They begin to communicate, meet and eventually fall in love with each other. Clarence demands that the girl quit her craft. However, the pimp does not want to let go of the new one. The guy, waving a gun, kills the bastard. Grabbing a suitcase with his beloved's clothes, he escapes from the brothel.
At home, he discovers that instead of Alabama's belongings, the briefcase contains top-notch cocaine. A couple, with a suitcase of drugs, goes on the run, intending to sell the trophy, and go abroad with the proceeds. Vincenzo Coccotti - the head of the Italian mafia group wants to return the drugs belonging to him. His men are on the trail of fugitives who are hiding in Los Angeles. At the same time the police are sent in pursuit. The unexpected denouement of the story and the tense plot will keep the viewer in suspense until the very last shot.