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The First Wives Club

The First Wives Club (1996)
Genre: Comedy.
Released: 1996.
Director: Hugh Wilson.
The main characters meet thirty years later. Once upon a time, the girls went to the same college and were very friendly. Then each got married, and as it happens in family life, their paths diverged. Tragedy rallies three girlfriends together at the fourth's funeral. Brenda, Elise and Annie meet to see off their friend Cynthia on her last journey. A young woman, committed suicide due to some circumstances in her family. Cynthia's husband left her for the sake of a young passion and was going to marry. Cynthia could not survive the departure of her husband, committing suicide.
Three faithful friends think about their own lives. They have something to talk about and discuss. The whole conversation comes down to husbands, because each of the girls is somehow deceived by an unfaithful spouse. Husbands preferred younger beauties to them, leaving their wives to fend for themselves. Offended wives are going to take revenge on the traitors so that they go through all the pain and resentment. They want the ex to experience all the feelings that they themselves experienced. The heroines open the "1st Wives Club" in order to attract deceived women in order to take revenge on the male sex. One lady who understands these matters comes to their aid. After all, she, too, was once deceived and thrown by a man.