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The Color of Money

The Color of Money (1986)
Billiards master Eddie Felson has not taken part in tournaments and competitions for a long time. He is a recognized genius of the green table and not many agree to play with him. Billiards has become a job for Eddie, it is due to the game for money that the elderly master lives. The game became for him not only a hobby, but also a way of making good money.
One day Eddie Felson meets a young, talented athlete named Vincent. The master appreciated the guy's abilities and saw the future in him. However, Vincent lacks the most important, the so-called master's handwriting. The young man has a major tournament ahead, winning which he will prove to everyone his superiority and become the best billiard player on the planet. Eddie takes patronage over Vincent and tries to transfer all his talent and knowledge to the young receiver. To bring up this very masterful handwriting in him.
However, notes of misunderstanding arise between student and teacher. After all, Vincent plays for the sake of victory and superiority, wanting to prove to everyone that he is the real king of the game. While Eddie, who has already proved everything to everyone, plays only for the money of his own selfish interests. But still, such different people work together, because they are tightly bound by the game that conquered millions.