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Stargate (1994)
Once, archaeologists discovered a strange ring during excavations in Giza, which was then taken away for research purposes, and for a long time its secret remained unsolved. Only in the 90s, a group of researchers again took up the study of an outlandish object. The talented and very crazy scientist Dr. Daniel Jackson delved into the principle of the artifact, and even managed to decipher the records in an unknown language. It turns out that this device is called the Stargate and if you unlock it, you can instantly move to different parts of the universe. All that remains is to find the necessary password, which for the scientist was a doable task.
So, the hero, along with a group of military and Colonel Jonathan 'Jack' O'Neil, teleported to the other side of the gate. True, it was already impossible to get back, because the passage was closed and did not open in the right direction. From that moment, the team will need to get comfortable on a planet unknown to them and get to know the local inhabitants. Surprisingly, the population of the world of Abydos is very friendly and does not mind making contact with unknown guests. The researcher and the colonel are trying to understand who rules this planet and built the ill-fated portal. Will the characters manage to escape from here unharmed, or will Abydos consume them?