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Showdown in Little Tokyo

Showdown in Little Tokyo (1991)
Events unfold in a bustling and never sleeping city called Los Angeles. There is a small Japanese quarter where representatives of the criminal world have settled. A law enforcement Sgt. Chris Kenner fights desperately with unscrupulous thugs, dreaming of clearing the dysfunctional area from the villains. He fights criminals, wanting to put each of them in prison. The fearless guy is unable to forget that his closest relatives died due to the fault of the yakuza. He grew up in Japan and learned a lot from the indigenous people.
Even after a certain time, the policeman could not forget about the death of his parents. He knew what their killer looked like and was obsessed with revenge. The senior management forces Chris to work in tandem with a new partner. It becomes Johnny, who has lived in the United States since childhood. At first, it was not easy for them to establish contact and come to a reasonable compromise. However, thanks to successful investigations, motivated cops manage to make friends and become a close-knit team. The murder of a pretty dancer brings them to a nightclub. They find out that some individuals are engaged in the production of a dangerous drug.