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Planet of the Apes

Planet of the Apes (2001)
In 2029, the life of earthlings changed a lot. Leo is involved in an important project. The astronaut is aware of the responsibility that rests on his shoulders. He will teach monkeys. The hero has been working with them since birth, teaches various sciences and control of space aircraft. The students are very smart. They quickly learn the material, strive to learn new things and get along well with the teacher. One day, an unexpected event occurs. One of the students makes a random mistake, as a result of which he finds himself in a spatial tunnel. The researcher hurries to help him, but gets there himself.
Finding himself in a completely unfamiliar place, he cannot understand what happened. The male faces a horde of aggressive primates. They almost kill him. In this world, people are slaves and drag out a miserable life. Having become a prisoner, the scientist cannot believe what is happening. He intends to fight for his rights and try to get out. Broken and humiliated people are unable to change anything. They are deprived of the benefits of civilization, moreover, they have long forgotten about such a concept as freedom. Upon learning of the existence of a mysterious zone, Leo decides to go there. He is convinced that this is the only way out.