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Magnolia (1999)
Genre: Drama.
Released: 1999.
Anything can become a subject that unites people from different spheres of life: a hobby, an idea, a club or a game show, which some shoot, others participate in it, and still others just love to watch. Or the extraordinary rain that fell on San Fernando on a day when the skies were completely clear. The bizarre interweaving of destinies into one day, very significant for each of the heroes, reveals in its entirety the contradictory extraordinary characters. There is more behind every public mask. Not everything that a person has to say, he can show openly, without fear of being ridiculed, condemned.
For three hours, a human tragicomedy unfolds on the screen. Some of the characters received everything and a little more from life, but this did not bring them anything good, because reckoning comes unexpectedly and when you least expect it. Someone conflicts with parents, with children, with their spouses in a marriage that seems ideal from the outside. Someone is watching, locked in their own tiny world of resentment and disappointment, and someone is sincerely trying to help others. The rain will end, people will scatter about their business, but what happened will not pass for them in vain, just like for the viewer ...