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Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted (2012)
Loyal and devoted friends are making every effort to return to their native zoo, located in New York. Despite the fact that they are in the wilderness, and there is only wild African nature around, they try to find positive aspects. The main characters miss their home very much. After much deliberation, Marty, Gloria, Alex and Melman decide to go in search of a brave squad of penguins, whose captain is the Skipper.
They hope that the team will help them return home, because only they have an aircraft. A long search leads to the fact that they end up in Monte Carlo, because this is where the penguins wanted to fly, hoping to play in the casino. But seeing them, the local population and the guests of the town are shocked. In order to catch the heroes, the authorities have to turn to the employee of the veterinary control - DuBois for help. She is a very cunning and cunning hunter, easily fulfilling her duties. Not a single animal has yet been able to escape from her. Hiding from the pursuer, they are hiding in a circus, which will help them in returning to their native lands.