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Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation (2003)
Bob Harris was an actor and was very popular in America. Once he was very popular and the directors only dreamed that he would appear in their film projects. He had many fans and, most importantly, his beloved woman was nearby all the time. He has been married for twenty-five years and practically nothing remains of his former feelings. In addition, he was no longer in such demand for filming in films. All he has ever done was to appear in a commercial for a Japanese whiskey called Suntory. For the man, this video turned out to be the only income.
He goes to Japan and there he checks in at a wonderful hotel. As soon as morning came, he immediately began his work. Only he began to have problems with the translator and she could not convey the full information to the producer. As soon as night falls, he immediately goes to the hotel and in order to somehow brighten up the boring evening he decides to visit the bar. Here he quite accidentally meets a charming person named Charlotte, who came here with her husband. She said that her husband pays no attention to her at all, since all the time he is busy only with work. Feelings flare up between the heroes of the film, and they decide to enjoy moments in a foreign country.