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Interview with the Vampire

Interview with the Vampire: The Vampire Chronicles (1994)
Genre: Drama, Horror.
Released: 1994.
Director: Neil Jordan.
The American reporter is used to being at the center of great events. And then one day, he decides to interview a person who could arouse great interest in him. This man turned out to be a young and very sociable guy named Louis. He admitted to the journalist that in fact he is not a simple person, but a real vampire and has immortality. He began his story when he was a simple farmer in the eighteenth century and had a family that he loved very much. Then a great tragedy occurred and his beloved wife and also his little daughter died.
This event strongly affected the fate of the film's hero and he could no longer live in peace. Every day he goes to the grave of his beloved and dear people, where he begins to cry bitterly and curse the fate that dealt with him in a cruel way. Soon he met Lestat and he invited him to become one of them, thanks to which Louis could find peace of mind. When the guy agreed, he gained eternal life, and with this he lost all human feelings. Despite the fact that Louis became a vampire, he remained kind and categorically refused to drink human blood, which greatly annoyed Lestat.