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Get Smart

Get Smart (2008)
Released: 2008.
Director: Peter Segal.
Maxwell Smart is one of the best analysts of the secret organization CONTROL. For a long time he thinks about becoming a real spy and "working in the field" like his hero is a secret agent 23. But the head of the special service does not share his opinion with the man, referring to the fact that he is too valuable. Everything changes when members a group called KAOS, led by Siegfried, attack COTROL's headquarters, destroying most of the operatives in the process.
Later, dangerous criminals with nuclear weapons threaten the head of state with a big bang during his trip to Los Angeles if they do not receive a huge amount of money. Max is quickly promoted to Special Agent 86 and sent to Russia. There he will have to find out where KAOS has got a dangerous weapon from. But his clumsy methods and stupid behavior jeopardize the entire operation. To bring the matter to the end, a partner is sent to him - a charming beauty and at the same time an experienced agent 99. Together they need to infiltrate a Moscow bakery owned by terrorists, where they produce not bakery products at all, but nuclear weapons. Will the heroes be able to complete an important task, and most importantly, return safe and sound?