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Geostorm (2017)
Released: 2017.
Director: Dean Devlin.
Technological progress is rapidly gaining momentum, but not all of its fruits are safe - a series of natural disasters shakes the planet, violent storms, thunderstorms and tornadoes rage across the continent. The question of the survival of mankind is already being raised, and it can be solved only by uniting. The scientific community, it seems, is finding a way out - a complex of satellites that control the weather have been launched into orbit, and the situation will stabilize for a while. But two years pass, and the system starts to malfunction.
Meteorologists sound the alarm: a geostorm is approaching, the most powerful natural disaster in history, capable of destroying all life on Earth. To restore the planetary protection, its creator himself is sent into space, and with him his brother, with whom they have not communicated for a year. While the brothers are trying to rebuild good family relationships, a new problem appears: it becomes clear to them that the accident is not accidental, and someone is using the impending hurricane for their dirty purposes. And it is no longer clear what is the greater danger to civilization: the rampage of the elements or a human being, capable of cold-bloodedly endangering human lives in personal interests.