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Desperado (1995)
Previously, he was a talented musician, masterly playing the guitar, and next to him was a wonderful woman with whom he dreamed of living for many years filled with happiness, raising children together, and then nursing grandchildren. But a man nicknamed Bucho, who heads a numerous criminal gang, deprived him of the opportunity to continue his musical career with one shot. Perhaps he could forgive him for the crippled brush, but never the death of his beloved.
Now he is a cold-blooded killer, ruthlessly cracking down on the enemies that have robbed him of everything he held dear. Dressed in an elegant black tailcoat, he deceptively calm walks straight into the criminal's lair. In his hands, he clutches a guitar case, but there is a weapon that will help him in revenge. Bucho has no right to live and enjoy the love of a beautiful girl after all the atrocities committed by him personally and by his bandits, diligently following the orders of the boss. The former guitarist has passed his sentence and is now on his way to carry it out. The enemy is experienced, strong and ready for the unexpected, the fight is going to be fierce, but he is not going to retreat. The man is sure that only revenge can drown out the pain in his heart.