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Cocktail (1988)
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance.
Released: 1988.
Director: Roger Donaldson.
A man named Brian Flanagan is quite a self-confident and ambitious person. He was born into a poor family, so he always dreamed of becoming a successful and influential man. He saw only his career as the goal of his whole life, so day after day he tried to climb the career ladder as high as possible.
The main character is absolutely convinced that power and money will definitely make him happy. Soon, when large firms turned him down in the position, Brian begins to understand that the realization of his cherished dream will take clearly more time than he expected. Finding himself on the brink of poverty, the hero has an urgent need to earn at least some money. Without thinking twice, he decides to get a job as a bartender in a local cafe. Of course, at first he was not satisfied with the work of a bartender, but he soon realized: money and sex in this place can be easily accessible.
One day he met a girl named Jordan. She is smart, beautiful and confident. The stranger captured him with his soul, making his heart beat faster. Gradually, the guy begins to develop feelings that develop into something more than just sympathy. Brian begins to understand that love is real happiness.