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Charlie Wilson's War

Charlie Wilson's War (2007)
Charlie Wilson is a congressman from the US state of Texas. His job, as a rule, consists in lobbying the interests of his specific voters and nothing more. By itself, the hero of the fascinating comedy drama is a rather simple man with no less simple addictions to the most common pleasures of life - comfort, good whiskey, beautiful women. Against this background, Charlie even got some beautiful sexy secretaries and assistants in his office. It seemed that nothing could break the usual state of affairs in his small world.
But one day, an influential and wealthy acquaintance of a congressman named Joanne, who is also a very beautiful and effective lady, wanted to delve deeper into politics and asked Charlie to go to distant Pakistan and meet with the president there. It is from President Zia-ul-Haq that the congressman will have to learn about some of the hidden features of his country's participation in the Afghan war. Here he will visit a Pakistan refugee camp.
What he saw and heard literally sunk into Wilson's soul. Returning to his homeland, he immediately decides to personally deal with the issues of the Afghan war and gets acquainted with specialized specialists - CIA agents. Now things should go better, because Charlie has taken on the issue of financing an important operation and the purchase of modern weapons for the US contingent in distant Afghanistan. And if he succeeds, the monetary allocations for these purposes may increase by an order of magnitude, and the result of the operation will certainly exceed all expectations.