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Bridge of Spies

Bridge of Spies (2015)
Released: 2015.
Director: Steven Spielberg.
After the Second World War ended, the world fell into chaos, a continuous division and negative influence began. America and the Soviet Union entered into a long confrontation, both sides strove for primacy, using all sorts of ways, even the most unacceptable. They took risks and were ready to do anything. But one day, an American intelligence agent was captured by the Soviet special services.
A plane was shot down by military aviation personnel, and the pilot was taken prisoner. This happened in the fifties and went down in world history. The prisoner immediately split, then said that America is constantly watching the rival, thereby substituting its own. Then there was a need to urgently pick him up, since the situation could become more complicated.
In order to avoid an immediate confrontation, the Americans decided to send a lawyer to release the spy. Donovan was engaged exclusively in insurance activities and had nothing to do with criminal activities. He refused the assignment, but the governing bodies of the United States insisted on the man's participation in the operation. He had to bring the spy home, but one mistake could cost his life. Donovan understood that he was at great risk ...