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Bram Stoker's Dracula

Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992)
The main character is the young Jonathan Harker. He is a lawyer by training and works as a real estate agent. Jonathan is a forward-looking, ambitious and assertive lawyer. Soon the man is going to marry his charming girlfriend Mina. But, Harker is forced to leave his girlfriend for a while and go on a business trip, to distant Transylvania, to visit Dracula. Jonathan is going to help him with the acquisition of real estate in London.
In the agent's papers, Dracula finds a photograph of Harker's girlfriend. She is like two drops of water similar to his late wife. Dracula is sure that this is a copy of the wife. He leaves Jonathan at the estate under guard, and he himself goes to London. Soon he meets Mina. The girl is not left alone by the thought that they have already met somewhere.
Dracula is ready to make every effort to convince Mina that they are made for each other and they are destined to be there. However, the groom is not going to give his bride into the wrong hands. Harker still managed to get out of Dracula's palace and escape. He asks Mina to come to get married as soon as possible. The girl immediately goes to her lover, which greatly makes Dracula angry.