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Blended (2014)
The main characters, two single parents, decide that their only chance for a full-fledged family is a blind date. This is how lonely Jim and Lauren meet. However, their first date turned out to be a real nightmare for them, after which they decided that they were not going, the man and woman disperse with relief and hope that fate will never push them together again.
However, the villainous fate had its own plans for this couple, all of a sudden, she confronts them again and again, and now they accidentally collide with families at a resort in Africa, and now they will have to share a hotel, excursions and pastime. Incinerating each other with hateful glances, man and woman endure each other's company, for the sake of their children.
However, the children are happy with everything, and they would not even be very opposed to joining families. Time flies by, the vacation ends and the relationship of the couple who hate each other changes dramatically. It seemed that family happiness was just around the corner, however, Lauren's ex-husband, who suddenly appeared on the horizon, makes it clear to Jim that Lauren and her children will never truly accept and love him. And the main character faces a dilemma - what is he ready for for the sake of his love, family and happiness?