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Anaconda (1997)
Released: 1997.
Director: Luis Llosa.
A group of researchers intends to travel to the dense and impenetrable jungles of the Amazon to find Indian tribes there that no one has heard of before. However, they understood that they would hardly be able to find anything on their own and they needed a guide who knew this area very well. Soon there is a person who is ready to give them an excursion, but the guys did not at all expect that in fact he would pursue his goals and they would radically differ from the original plan. Thus, the group, not realizing it, is in grave danger.
The guide turns out to be slightly turned on the idea of finding the legendary huge anaconda and catching it. He hopes that the whole group, finding themselves in serious danger, will try to help him at any cost. The guys didn’t believe in all this until the last moment and perceived it only as a joke. However, very soon they have to make sure that the snake really exists and now they must do everything to survive. The heroes are waiting for a lot of dangers that are fraught with the jungle, which does not want to let anyone go alive. And the anaconda is not going to let go of the prey that came to her so cordially ...