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28 Days Later...

28 Days Later (2002)
A secret group, puts on various experiments on monkeys, using the use of various drugs on animals. Advocates for the freedom of our smaller brothers, learn about the bullying and the location of the laboratory. They gather a group and break into the medical unit. During the attack, the freed primate bites the activist and she turns into a zombie, killing enemies and colleagues.
Twenty-eight days later, a young man named Jim wakes up from a coma. The guy ended up in an empty hospital, where he could not shout to the staff. Going out into the street, he notices a lot of strange creatures that do not look like people. After hiding from the monsters, in the temple he meets a couple of survivors Mark and Selena, new acquaintances report that an unknown virus has swept the entire planet, turning a person into a cruel killer.
On the radio, the trinity hears about a military camp gathering the uninfected at one point to save the race. Young people decide to break through to the rescue point, but on the way, Selena's boyfriend is infected with a bite, he has to be killed. The further road carries a meeting with two more survivors, father and daughter. Finally, the long-awaited destination appears on the horizon.